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Young and talented entrepreneur from Birmingham….it’s ‘Lo Designz’

Lo is a very talented young entrepreneur who desires to use her creative gifts and talents to inspire and make an impact on young people.
Lo Design profile
Go check out her #Blackgirlsrock collection which is on sale NOW! Lo says:
“These T-shirts were designed to empower the black female community, to boost confidence and support individuality”
Black Girls Rock Lo Designz group pose
Lo has a bespoke personalised clothing range, selling everything from Hoodies and T-shirts to Hats and Bags!
Head over to to check out all of her amazing products.
Fancy something bespoke? Contact her by following @itzlodesigns.
You can also find her at many events throughout the UK selling her sought after items (Just check the website for more info).
Next stop: The Teenage Market on Saturday 24th March at The Red House Cone, Dudley, DY8 4AZ.
Loz Hoodies
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Power of Praise Part 1

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Our sole purpose on earth is to worship our Heavenly Father, Worship is pleasing to God and holiness glorifies our Father.  Heaven is a place of perpetual praise (Revelation 4:1-11) the word of God tell us in (Psalm 22:3) that God inhabits our praise.  If God lives in our praise then praise Is powerful, as all power belongs to God.

Worship is a way for God’s children to give back to him, honouring him with our voices by singing with grace in our hearts unto the Lord.  We lift up his holy name and magnify his awesome splendor.  God desires for us to be thankful in any given situation, through the good and the bad, come rain or shine.  In everything give thanks for this is the will for you in Christ Jesus (1 Thessalonians 5:18).  Brethren, praising God through our circumstances turns our focus on to God and shifts them away from the actual problem.

The Hebrew word ‘Towdah’ means to praise the Lord even when everything appears to look pear shaped in your life.  To praise the Lord even when we don’t feel like praising him.  Believe it or not that is when praise is at it’s most powerful, Smith Wigglesworth once said “we may start off in the flesh and end up in the spirit.”.  This can be challenging when we going through hard times, but God is more powerful than any situation we encounter, he alone can turn any situation around effortlessly.  Jesus declared to his followers that his yoke was easy and his burden was light (Matthew 11:30).  The word of God tells us to ‘cast  our cares and burdens on to the Lord’ according to (1 Peter 5:7).  If we focus on our problems we make them appear bigger than God, let us therefore lay aside all our worries and give them to the Lord.


Some inspiration for you if your looking for something to worship to, you will love this.




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When your Faith is being tested.


Many people perceive that when they are facing trials it is a negative consequence of their sin.  That is incorrect if you have genuinely repented and confessed those sins then you must know they have already been forgiven.  The Lord no longer sees those sins, do not allow the devil to cause you to condemn yourself.  When you are going through trials do not think it is do with you being unrighteous, the Bible tells us a righteous man may go through many trials but the Lord will deliver him from all of them, so being a Christian does not make you exempt from trials.  Our God promised to be with us in every situation and he is our source of help. “For I am the Lord your God and who takes hold of your right hand and says to you, Do not fear, I will help you.” Isaiah 41:13

God allowed Job to be tested by Satan, before Satan could even afflict Job he had to seek permission from God.  God permitted him to test Job but he was forbidden from killing him.  Daniel was innocently thrown into the Lions Den.  Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego were thrown into the Fiery furnace.  Joseph was cast into prison through it all they still remained committed to God.  They grew in their trials, and while they were experiencing these difficult trials God was working behind the scenes turning things around for their Good.

Do not be downhearted God will never put more on you then you can bear.  If God allowed this trial to come upon you, he knows you can handle it.  “Simon, Simon, Satan has asked to sift you as wheat.  But I have prayed for you, Simon that your faith may not fail.” Luke 22:31.  God will be the one to bring you through this situation, do not lean to your own understanding but acknowledge him in all of your ways.

During your trial it is tough and it can often feel unbearable, but this is the point that you are growing being stretched, like an elastic band you will bounce back.  God is building up your resilience, growth is never comfortable.  Like a new pair of shoes you will feel the pressure, until you come out of those old shoes and step into the new.  Don’t ever forget that diamonds are created through pressure, just like your life something beautiful will come out of this intense situation.

You will be a sharp as a knife when you have survived your trial.  The Bible says he trains our hands for war.  We learn to fight in the war, but we would never volunteer to fight, so sometimes we have to be thrown into the fight.  “Praise be to the God of my strength, teaching my hands the use of the sword, and my fingers the art of fighting.” Psalm 144:1.   What does not break you makes you stronger, God does not expect us to be running around for help everywhere.  He want us to know how to fight so when the Enemy comes we will know how to deal with him.  We learn to fight on our knees through prayer.  God is always on your side when you do right so you are destined to win.  The battle is never over until the Lord says so, this process will enable you to become a mighty warrior in the Lord’s army.  You will not be burned but you shall be refined as pure as Gold, all the old destructive things will be uprooted during the process.

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What Lies Behind a Person?


We should always discern the source of what we hear and make sure that it lines up with the word of God. The Bible instructs us to try every spirit. We need to understand that everyone that crosses our path is part of a divine appointment, they are either sent by God or the Enemy. Every Person we meet is operating under some spirit. You will begin to discern people’s spirit over a length of time. The company you keep is life changing. Be careful who you discuss your problems with. Don’t allow everyone to speak into your life. Take it to the prayer closet. Listen more, speak less and forgive quickly.
The Holy Spirit is there to guide us, one of the fruits of the Holy Spirit is self control. We must not allow evil situations to master us. Negative situations are arrows used by the enemy to plant anger and unforgiveness in our hearts. Mark 11:25 And when you stand praying, if you hold anything against anyone, forgive him, so that your Father in heaven may forgive you your sins. If we yield to this rather than the Holy Spirit it will hinder our walk with Christ. We already know Satan is the accuser of believers, he goes back & forth trying to find legal ground and evidence of why God should not bless us. Satan and his agents are always orchestrating situations in order to get a reaction. This is why it is important to stop and think before you speak. The tongue is a …..that cannot be tamed.
It is important to calm down, recognise the source of the problem and begin to pray. We need to be quick to listen and slow to speak, it is foolish to overreact in such situations. When praying about the situation we must target the spirit operating behind the person. It is the spirit behind the person which is causing them to act in such a way. Many people don’t realise that they are being influenced by these evil spirits, especially if they are unsaved. Some people are operating in darkness, therefore the demons residing in them cannot stand the Holy Spirit that lives inside you. You better understand that our reaction is very important as others are watching.
As a follower of Christ, evil spirits are subject to you. They are under your feet you have been given the keys to the kingdom. Our battle is never physical, it is always spiritual. The Bible tells us that we are dealing with spiritual wickedness in high places, therefore we must deal with this type of opposition spiritually. Command your angels to go to war on your behalf. 2 Corinthians 10:4 We use God’s mighty weapons, wordly weapons , to knock down the strongholds of human reasoning and to destroy false arguments.
When faced with such attacks we should remember who we are in Christ. Be quick to forgive always, but understand that we do not have to tolerate the evil spirits that are using them. If it is a situation that can be avoided, we suggest you remove yourself from the situation. It is not easy to cut ties, especially in work settings, but I encourage believers to pray for that person and continue to show love.
No matter how vexed certain situations make you, do your best to let it go and move on. Always remember to try and show love, even in the face of adversity. This is one of the hardest things to do, but nothing is impossible with Christ. Try not let these situations change your character and upset your spirit. When you are feeling persecuted, just meditate upon the persecution of our Lord and
saviour. He was the greatest example of love and by coming down in the flesh has shown us that we can love our enemies .